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5 Feb

mindsey1CHICAGO 2016

Sunday, February 7th NYC Comes to Principle Dance 12-5pm


Monday, February 8th
Contemporary master class at Visceral Dance Studio


The Chicago Academy for the Arts: Steps Professional Training Program scouting



Tuesday & Wednesday, February 9-10th Odyssey Fine Arts Festival: Adlai E Stevenson High School performances and master classes


Saturday & Sunday,          February 13-14th NYCDA: award expectional dancers the Steps Conservatory, Summer Study NYC and School at Steps summer intensive scholarships

Sure to be a great week!IMG_0825

9/11 Table of Silence Project

3 Oct table-of-silence

Offering of Peace

It was a sobering and meaningful experience to participate in this year’s Table of Silence Project at Lincoln Center. This was the fifth year Buglisi Dance Theatre and 100+ dancers came together in a tribute for peace. Watch, remember, never forget.

VIdeo By Milan Misko

“We have achieved this awe inspiring Ritual Performance because of the ardent commitment, love, positive energy, and generosity of spirit you brought each day, and I embrace all of you for your unwavering belief in peace through art.     Touching the earth… from the sole of our foot to the soul of the earth… One step at a time, we shall change the world…”

With loving gratitude, xxoo Jacqulyn                                                                          (bridging the Ancient and the Contemporary)


19 Jul

Hey there,

Follow me on Instagram for fun class updates and join me 4 times each week at Steps on Broadway in NYC


            THURSDAYS 7:30-9

                                       SATURDAYS 2-3:30

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Choreo Teaching Tour 2015!

15 Feb
photo by Nathan Sayers

photo by Nathan Sayers

I’m so excited to return to my alma maters this coming week! To start things off, I’ll be teaching a master class to the undergrads at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. It has been quite some time since I’ve been back in these parts, and I’m looking so forward to revisiting this important place in my life. Continuing with my nearly annual visits, I move on to Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire. I’ll be working with the talented teens in both master classes AND setting a brand new piece for their annual spring concert. Closing out the tour will bring me to one last master class and competition coaching at Dixon Dance Academy in West Dundee. Wish I could say I was escaping the winter cold that has blustered through NYC, but alas, Windy (Freezing) City here I come!

To dancefinity and beyond : )

a new year anew

4 Jan

With a new year comes reflection and the thought that things need to be different. Well, for me the different things occurred prior to the ball drop and I find myself now able to enjoy the ride. Not too long ago things were changing and shifting and leaving me feeling confused, disappointed, and frankly, undone. 2014 marked the finale of six+ years with the Steps Repertory Ensemble. This family was one I saw more than my own, accomplished big dreams with, and helped build something rather modest to something quite reputable. While the closing of that book signified the opening of a new life chapter, it was difficult and bittersweet. Only until several months had passed did I allow myself time to redistribute my artistic goals and realized things had changed. I found myself almost paralyzed by the cumulative years of rejection from various artistic pursuits. They somehow blurred the tremendous accomplishments and successes I had achieved individually, with the company, and even with Lindsey and all our incredible feats. I would look at my bio and resumes to reassure myself and dig up my lost pride. My husband and friends would scoff and laugh it off, saying “come on! you’re great. look at all you’ve done.” But it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to quit but I didn’t want to push ahead. Ultimately, I gave myself some time to be still. I didn’t race to auditions and took a break from my dutiful class taking and tried to forgive myself for feeling lazy. I gave myself the opportunity to listen to my heart, mind, gut, feet, and sore hips to realize this break, although guilt-ridden and strange, was healthy and needed.

So much determination and ambition attacking my dreams had caught up with me and begged for respite. But this felt like quitting, which was something I never allowed myself to even consider. I mourned the loss of my performing career while simulaneously loving the stressless existence formerly burdered by body image displeasure, nagging whispers of doubt, and again that realistic and punishing rejection. I am a strong, opininated, tenacious woman, but man that shit can add up and start to chip away at that tough skin we work so hard to pile on.

Perhaps the bravest thing I did was step away. I only realize this now of course. I devoted myself to my teaching, mentoring youth, and planning my wedding. These were fulfulling and wonderful, and the hum of guilt was subsiding. I worked out and took class for me and my own enjoyment versus feeling obligation or pressure to perform and secretly wish for a job to be offered to me. And then, in early October my friend and choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall needed dancers for ABC’s “Manhattan Love Story.” I was cast for a proposal flash mob scene and would make my television [dance] debut! My body hadn’t forgotten. I survived a fun full day dancing and performing with my fellow castmates. Shortly after, I was hired as the new Administrator of Student Programs at Steps on Broadway. This position previously held by the Ensemble’s Artistic Director whom we all admired and loved was now mine. I am the advisor/guidance counselor/administrator helping to build the futures of the next generation of artists. All roads led me to this place. Including but not limited to:) the uncertainity, the struggle, the joy, the pain, the pressure, the work, the play, the investigation, the exploration, the random gigs, the travel, the money, the everything. Having the ability and responsibility to influence students in the very place where I landed and have called home ever since moving to New York in 2006 is an opporunity of a lifetime.

Despite the fact that I may have been thrown for a loop (or ten), I have and will continue to enjoy each destination along the way on this splendid and adventurous journey of mine.

Be open. Be ready. Be risky.

long time no see

12 Aug

The Jacksons

Hope you are having a great summer!




It’s been a minute since my last post and in that time I GOT MARRIED! My husband Nate and I tied the knot after 11 years together in a beautiful, joyous dance filled event with family and friends here in NY.  Surprise flash mob included : )



Classes at Steps have been going very well and I continue to learn and grow from my wonderful students.  I am constantly impressed with their tremendous improvement and feel blessed for the opportunities to “help souls feel lighter,” which is how one lovely gal described how she felt after classes.  What an incredible compliment!  Please join me Mondays 10-11:30am, Thursdays 7:30-9pm and Saturdays 4:30-6pm to explore together.


My experience as a first time judge for StarQuest International Dance Competitions this year also proved enjoyable.  It was exciting to see the young talent from around the country and offer guidance and insight for growth.  It also became quite clear the boundaries of appropriateness studios are testing ; /  I realized I am a self proclaimed Grandma in regards to the suggestive nature being elicited from these students.  ***For teachers, please realize your students want to grow up and emulate what they see on TV or in the older students in your schools.  Please work to keep things age appropriate from the costume to the facial expressions to the song choices to the choreography.   It is our responsibility to teach these values through our art form and as a judge, it does not make me score higher if I am uncomfortable.  Even with this, there were numerous pieces done well and dancers with very bright futures ahead.  Let’s see what 2014-2015 brings.


Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.



5 Jan

I just received this unbelievably touching message from a woman I met this week in class.  I am so honored.

“You have changed the way I dance and think about movement.   I’m always in a fog (a good one) when I leave your class.
As a classical ballet trained dancer,  with your new instruction  I feel like I just stepped onto a new island to explore.
I hope to God I get to take classes with you again. Thank you so much.  Namaste”

…this is what keeps me going

Let’s grow and create together Mondays 10-11:30am, Thursdays 7:30-9pm and Saturdays 4:30-6pm at Steps on Broadway

2013 in review

31 Dec


A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! May your 2014 be full of health, happiness and fun: )

music video time

3 Dec


Lindsey and I choreographed and performed “Speed Reader” by North Carolina singer/producer Marley Carroll.

Grab his whole album Sings

one exciting week

13 Oct

This week was very cool for a number of reasons!

famousI made my NYC City Center debut at Career Transition for Dancers 28th Anniversary Jubilee BROADWAY & BEYOND celebrating Theatre and Dance.  This diverse program full of amazing talent honored the iconic Ann-Margaret with such celebs as Liza Minnelli and Rosie O’Donnell.  My brush with fame was topped off with a terrific performance of Josh Prince’s “Doggy in the Window,”  which won him DanceBreak a few years back and how he became choreographer of Broadway’s Shrek the Musical.  And I must give love and credit to Career Transition for Dancers. This is truly a great resource for anyone transitioning or simply in need of advice and guidance.  I highly recommend their services and expertise for whatever one may need.

Then the very next day my choreography was showcased ucofas a finale to the United Colors of Fashion 3rd Annual Gala.  UCOF is a New York City-based non-profit organization whose core mission is to empower youth through fashion.  Locally under-resourced youth are mentored AND provisions of financial assistance, food, and clothing are offered to youth in South Africa who are living with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and paralysis.

It was a privilege to be part of such honorable organizations and use dance as a means of awareness, growth, and community.

red carpet37053_10151976332146264_1878704540_n

Moving in that direction of commendable companies, I have begun working as a leadership trainer in the The Leadership Program.  Leadership is a dynamic urban organization that enriches lives, emboldens confidence and expands options by building strong leaders in classrooms and communities.  This incredible program is capable of achieving real change in school cultures and I am super excited to work with my Bronx middle schoolers in our afterschool dance club.



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