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Check out Mindsey Kelpin!

30 Apr

let’s dance together!

22 Apr

I’m so excited to have the honor and privilege of teaching at the world renowned Steps on Broadway.

Please join me for these unique, challenging, and fun opportunities to share our love of dance.

Monday 4/23 4:30-6:15 Adv Int Contemporary Jazz

Thursday 5/3 (my bday!), Tuesday 5/8, and Thursday 5/10 11:30-1 Adv Beg Contemporary Jazz

74th Street and Broadway, NYC

and stay tuned . . . my very own class is on it’s way!

Mindy’s class is inspired by a variety of dance and movement concepts including yoga, gyrokinesis, pilates, Gaga technique, sprinkled with a little ballet and a dash of jazz.  Pulling from a mixture of principles informs the body in contrasting, yet complementary and harmonious ways. The class allows dancers to work for their most expansive and expressive selves.  We take the time to find our skeletal foundation, then move outwardly through the muscular, and finally arrive onto the sensing, responsive, alive skin surface.  Students deepen their sensitivity to the environment around them and apply their entire moving bodies and minds to the present moment we all share. Through imagery, tactile applications, and very fun, eat-up-the-space exercises, not to mention, enjoyable tunes, students learn and grow together.  Mindy’s class honors every opportunity to examine and develop one’s artistry by pulling from our collective passion to dance. 

Hope to see you!

No fools here: Spring has sprung with a very blossoming April!

1 Apr

*Next week, I head back to Carolinia to dance with Linds 🙂 We met the wonderful Appalachian State University back on the road during our summer tour and had a fantastic time with its students.  Thankfully, they liked us so much they’ve voted us back! I’m so pumped to teach samples of our rep, improv, ballet, and modern.  AND to round out my trip we’ll be creating our next piece in the {Re}Happening Festival in Lake Eden, NC.   Here, we’ll get to channel our inner Isadoras and frolick through the inspiring meadow of artist filled brush teeming with ideas and collaboration : )~

“The project has developed as an innovative fundraising and art-based collaboration between the two non-profits, balancing the history, innovation and experience of Black Mountain College Museum+Arts Center, with the forward-thinking and media-based collective of artists that defines the The Media Arts Project (MAP).”  This is going to be a such a cool new experience and I can’t wait!

Mindsey Kelpin is baaaaaaack; )~

*Endless thanks to my Stepertories in the Ensemble, our director Claire Livingstone, our amazing choreographers Azsure Barton, Cherice Barton, Larry Keigwin, Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Séan Curran, and Camille A. Brown, our audiences, and everyone at Steps on Broadway for making Celebrate Dance such a huge success!

Stay tuned!
                                          The Ensemble is blowing up!
                                      We have very exciting stuff in the works . . .
 I’ll be performing my solo “My Piece. My Peace.,”a new work by the splendid Emily Schoen, and with the Ensemble in the April 13th Lab at Steps.

*Aaaaaaand, I’m in rehearsals creating a very cool new piece with Trainor Dance.  Caitlin has joined forces with Columbia University computer science PhD candidate Apoorv Agarwal on Artificial IntelliDance, a Dance Your PhD project using dance to explain how computers learn.

 Two chances to catch this very interesting new work: Friday April 27th Barnard Hall (117th and Bway) 3:00pm and/or Monday, April 30 Schermerhorn Theater (160 Schermerhorn St) 6:00pm.  Check it out!