let’s dance together!

22 Apr

I’m so excited to have the honor and privilege of teaching at the world renowned Steps on Broadway.

Please join me for these unique, challenging, and fun opportunities to share our love of dance.

Monday 4/23 4:30-6:15 Adv Int Contemporary Jazz

Thursday 5/3 (my bday!), Tuesday 5/8, and Thursday 5/10 11:30-1 Adv Beg Contemporary Jazz

74th Street and Broadway, NYC

and stay tuned . . . my very own class is on it’s way!

Mindy’s class is inspired by a variety of dance and movement concepts including yoga, gyrokinesis, pilates, Gaga technique, sprinkled with a little ballet and a dash of jazz.  Pulling from a mixture of principles informs the body in contrasting, yet complementary and harmonious ways. The class allows dancers to work for their most expansive and expressive selves.  We take the time to find our skeletal foundation, then move outwardly through the muscular, and finally arrive onto the sensing, responsive, alive skin surface.  Students deepen their sensitivity to the environment around them and apply their entire moving bodies and minds to the present moment we all share. Through imagery, tactile applications, and very fun, eat-up-the-space exercises, not to mention, enjoyable tunes, students learn and grow together.  Mindy’s class honors every opportunity to examine and develop one’s artistry by pulling from our collective passion to dance. 

Hope to see you!


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