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what’s been up?

18 Jul

a lot actually!

~My classes have been going tremendously well!!! come on down to Steps on Broadway and try for yourself.

 Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7:30pm and Saturdays 10-11:30am.  Also, the Ensemble’s first 2 open improv jams were insanely fun! Join us every first Friday of the month @7:45-9:45pm. This very special event allows you dance freely the way you enjoy, and already do alone in your bedroom anyway: )~ This unique opportunity includes guided exercises, live musicians, invaluable artistic sharing, and costs only $10 (which helps various charities). *All levels and dancer styles welcome. Next jam Friday, August 3rd.

~ I am choreographing a new piece on my Ensemble buddies for a show we’re producing at the end of September.  Each member is creating something very exciting & very different on fellow members to be presented in our first full evening of self choreographed work.  I’m continually inspired from my love of randomness and that which exists all around me in this eclectic, eccentric, intriguing, odd, baffling city called home.  This combined with an almost Cirque Du Soleil vibe has proven to be a very interesting process thus far.  Stay tuned for show details. 

~I recently conducted a class with a group of young adults from all over the world coming together as part of  Global Youth Connect‘s NYC human rights summit.  Together we explored the ideas of conflict and resolution through movement exercises, trust discoveries, and choreographic experimentation.  This was a true honor to lead, not to mention, experience along with the Ensemble and these international and highly influential young delegates.

~After a very successful show at the World Science Festival, Trainor Dance and I got to work to begin prep for our fall concert ->November 9-11 at Schermerhorn Theater in Brooklyn.  Each rehearsal we created a new section of 10 very interesting percussion movements from the music of Threads.  Each piece of this total dance contrasted it’s predecessor, and was quite challenging given Caitlin’s desire for extreme, quick percussiveness to match the complex rhythms of the her chosen tunes.

~I am currently in the studio with the splendid Grace Courvoisier as we gear up for NY Live Arts Fresh Tracks audition in September.  Wish us luck! (PS she’s also an incredible photographer)

~ Looking forward to October, I will be working with Broadway choreographer Josh Prince as we dive into a workshop to create new work! This will be my first experience working with Josh, and I can’t wait for this chance to revisit my love for musical theater, without that whole nerve wracking singing aspect : )~

Life is grand, and will continue to be so with your help, love, and support.  

Hope to see you in the studio, theater, park, or even train.  

Be well! Dance on!