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Happy New Year

3 Jan

Wow it’s been a little while since last reporting in.  Not sure about you, but the new year always brings in that habitual time of reflection.  Not even so much resoluting, but looking back and appreciating, questioning, pondering, wondering, wandering, flailing, falling, failing, jumping, prancing, dancing, and spinning.  I look back at my tremendous accomplishments and exciting endeavors and contemplate whatever shall I do next? This time last year, Lindsey and I were busy finalizing plans for our show.  A definite first for us both and extremely exciting how challenging and rewarding it all was.  Thankfully, next month I reunite with Linds back in North Carolina to create a world premier music video with an artist named Marley Carroll.  Marley spotted us back in April at the {Re}Happening Festival, and luckily we made quite an impression on him.   He sought us out and requested that we perform in his first official video.  I’m super pumped! Stay tuned to watch us right here, YouTube, if MTV still exists, and anywhere else imaginable.

The Ensemble as you know has always been my source of inspiration and perspiration.  This year is a transition year with new members entering and old lovies moving on.  Transition periods always take adjusting and reorganizing, and yet they still create windows into new perspective.  I’m finding myself becoming better able to distinguish the styles that I can’t live without; the processes that fulfill; the paths into the unknown that are worth the fear; the relationships that must be honored and those which must recede.  Teaching my classes at Steps makes me so incredibly happy.  Even though it is a slow and humbling road when building from scratch, eventually, all efforts stack up into an evolution one can beam at.

I didn’t make official resolutions this year, besides my usual: floss more regularly, take more classes, exercise more, blah blah blah, but I have decided to try and stick with one goal. I plan do more exciting things around NYC and more importantly, beyond.   I would like to venture to another country within 2013 for at least a month in order to research, witness, and participate in another culture’s dance scene.   I plan to arrange teaching engagements while abroad, even better, performing would be a terrific bonus.  I didn’t study abroad in college and although I have been lucky to travel in my years, the travel bug is still deep within me.  Now is the time! I’m looking into exploring Israel’s rich and impressive dance community.  Perhaps Europe is calling.  I’m searching as we speak for grants, scholarships, sponsorship, you name it to adventure and discover.  And I’m looking very forward to bringing that new found knowledge and approach home to my beloved community.  If you have any advice or want to help in any way, please let me know.  I’ve never been good at time specific goals, but let’s plan for Fall!

Our journeys are never ending, while the road seems only to be winding

Unknown next steps and unforeseen paths pluck away at

the longer reason for it all

Vow to keep it interesting.  Pledge for the compelling to lead you.

Enjoy the bleak despite the sting.


 Dance in your mind.  Dance in your sleep.

Let your words dance as they’re spoken.

Be kind.  Share yourself.