For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a dancer.  And now, with my 20+ years of training, studying, observing, and learning I have found that not only do I love to dance, but I gladly welcome new opportunities that challenge my artistry.  I have grown the most by trying the unusual and abandoning my comfort zone.

One of my most memorable experiences was working with the insanely creative Celia Rowlson-Hall.  She works with movie making, music videos, art installations, and good old fashioned dance too.  She has a clear point of view and creates work that never entered my mind.  Years ago, I was asked to dance in her installation “Wanna Come to My Place,” set in a Williamsburg warehouse-type room, which we transformed into a home.  There was a bedroom scene, bathroom, living room, and I had the honor of the kitchen scene with actor Andrew Pastides.  What was originally planned as a dance transformed into an acting scene complete with repeatedly tossing milky Fruity Pebbles on the floor like a pestering child.  The audience rotated around the space taking in all the scenes as we looped the show several times.  By the end I was covered in nasty, wet flakes yet completely exhilarated by the unique experience everyone in the room had just shared.

In addition to acting in this atypical piece of art, I like to play in the musical theater world too.   I thoroughly enjoy the length character shoes give my little legs, not to mention the enjoyment of telling a story through fan kicks and perfectly arranged formation changes.  This is why I was so excited to be a dancer in The Broadway Dance Lab.  This unique workshop allowed Broadway choreographer Josh Prince (Shrek & Beautiful The Carole King Musical) “a place to create and test new, stand-alone dances designed in the Broadway style.  This lab is the first of its kind and will hopefully continue on in perpetuity to nurture the art form of Broadway dance.”  Along with The Broadway Dance Lab I had the incredible opportunity to perform at NYC’s City Center as part of Career Transitions for Dancers Broadway & Beyond celebrating Ann-Margret! And yes, Liza Minnelli and Rosie O’Donnell were there as well: )

Nonetheless, modern dance has my heart.  I love the abstract.  I love the depth our imaginations can express while remaining open for interpretation and investigation. Some of the most gratifying work I have done as an artist was from my commitment as member and Rehearsal Director of the Steps Repertory Ensemble at NYC’s renowned Steps on Broadway.   I felt so tremendously lucky to  have danced with this group for 6 seasons and with such remarkable contemporary choreographers such as Aszure Barton, Cherice Barton, Andrea Miller, Benoit Swan Pouffer, Donald Byrd, Seán Curran, Monica Bill Barnes, Nathan Trice, and Camille A. Brown to name a few.

I am also supremely proud to choreograph and perform with Lindsey in our mini company Tall & Small.


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