Tall & Small

Tall & Small is a wonderful little creation between myself and my partner-in-crime, Lindsey Kelley.  We met several years ago while members of the Steps Ensemble and shared a connection on all things ridiculous, silly, awesome, artistic, fashionable, etc. etc. etc.  After we found each other had with the same pair of amazingly unusual shoes, we did what any dance enthusiast would do and made a dance! This duet featuring the lengthy and gorgeous Ms. Kelley alongside her teensier counterpart sparked a unique bond for extended creativity.  After performances in several various New York venues and Goucher College, Maryland we dove into our next venture together.

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When Lindsey decided to move from New York to Asheville, North Carolina we figured there was no better way to celebrate and honor our friendship then through a new duet.  We included anything that made us laugh, mammoth dancing to show our chops, our love for random gestures, and the freedom to improv and play off each other’s choices.  “A Tribute and Reflection of the Relationship” premiered at NY’s Danspace Project’s Food For Thought in November 2010, toured in the 2011-2012 North Carolina Dance Festival, and went on to numerous festivals and showcases including The {Re}Happening Festival at Lake Eden, NC.  We also self produced our first full evening of work in “The Ratio of Mindsey to Kelpin” shown at Chicago’s Links Hall and Asheville’s BeBe Theater in February 2012.  “Tribute” is such a testament to our bond and we were awarded the distinct honor of performing at the American Dance Festival’s 80th Anniversary Celebration summer 2013.  Our piece along with only 3 others was picked from NCDF’s 10 year history of performed works.  Such an honor and privilege, not to mention a wonderful reason to reunite: )  We were also discovered and requested by musician Marley Carroll to perform in his first music video Speed Reader off his debut album Sings.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is our duet from our 2011 tour stop in Charlotte on the NCDF.


One Response to “Tall & Small”

  1. Dance Project Inc (@DanceProjectInc) 07/05/2013 at 3:11 pm #

    Such a blast having you and Lindsey as a part of the concert last month! Such a blast having the both of you.

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